Vision - Mission - Core values

Without customers, there is no Hong Thien My.

If customers are not happy, Hong Thien My is not satisfied.

If customers do not accomplish their mission, Hong Thien My does not fulfill its responsibility..

These are the principles we always keep in mind. Therefore, we have chosen our Core Values based on the best benefits we can provide for our customers. This is because our relentless mission is to become "A powerful ally in the diagnostic field, helping humanity conquer disease”.

  • That great mission will forever remain an ambition and desire of our own without the cooperation and support of our customers.
  • The trust of our customers has given us more confidence, strength and enthusiasm to continue our service journey.
  • The companionship and attachment of our customers has given us the opportunity to contribute more to the testing industry and to life.

We understand that we must respond to this trust by wholeheartedly living up to the Core Values that Hong Thien My has chosen. Therefore, a promise, a commitment, a determination from the entire team of Hong Thien My: to live fully with the spirit of serving our esteemed customers and continuously nurturing our values.

We hope to continue receiving your trust and companionship in the next steps of Hong Thien My's journey.

Best regards!

CEO Hong Thien My

Dr. To Anh Loan