History Of Formation And Development

From the desire to bring the best things to human health, to contributing to life with practical values ​​​​from the professional work of my passion - specifically helping people to be healthier, happier. happier, minimizing the pain caused by illness... a medical student studying clinical medicine not only delves into pathology research, but also expands his or her interests to discover interesting things about human health. clinical.

Testing and diagnosing the disease is an extremely difficult and complicated job, and extremely important, because this is the basis for deciding on effective treatment. Therefore, laboratory tests - which are paraclinical - are considered an effective support tool to help clinicians accurately diagnose and treat diseases.

On the contrary, a clinician with his or her specialized knowledge of pathology will provide very good support for laboratory testing, helping to improve the accuracy in responding to results, especially by coordinating the Knowledge of pathology to argue and synthesize results in difficult and complex cases.

Desire, Passion, Enthusiasm

It was the desire - passion and enthusiasm during their years in the classroom that inspired medical students at that time to cherish the idea of ​​combining clinical and paraclinical to optimize effectiveness. for diagnosis and treatment; Until she graduated and became a doctor, that idea was also formed into a business: Thien My Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. The foundation for this idea to form is the desire to apply knowledge of pathology to best support paraclinical staff in answering results.

Thien My Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, specializing in distributing rapid diagnostic biological products and providing medical machinery and equipment - chemicals for medical laboratories.

The desire to maximize the effectiveness of his expertise, the passion to contribute and create more value, along with the enthusiasm that always burns in his heart, have motivated founder Thien My to constantly develop and improve. Improve your original ideas to serve the medical industry most effectively, thereby bringing more benefits to people and life. And also from the increasingly clearer awareness of the correlation between clinical and paraclinical, founder Thien My decided to pioneer in the production of test tubes containing chemicals, gradually replacing imported products, reducing product costs, bringing more health care opportunities to more people. Since then, Thien My Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was renamed Hong Thien My Medical Supplies Joint Stock Company. Hong Thien My's business philosophy was also formed from there: not only doing business, not only trying to sell as much as possible, but also aiming at the ultimate benefit for patients through consulting. Consulting on pathology knowledge for users of testing products.